El Paso


Estimated Population: 29,000
Racial Breakdown:
45% Humans (5% psionic, 10% augmented, 15% magic)
26% D-Bees
24% Mutant Animals (65% are dogs)
5% Others (Brodkil, bots, dragons, etc.)
Average Transient Population: 6,000 additional people.
Tech Level: High/Modern and Magic.
Surrounding Communities (100 mile radius): 8,000 (50% human, mostly farmers or sheep and cattle herders, low tech level).

EI Paso is generally considered the last vestige of civilization in the American Southwest. North of EI Paso are the badlands of New Mexico and Colorado, followed by the Rocky Mountains and a forest wilderness that starts in Colorado, stretches into Wyoming and Montana, and extends deep into Canada. This is hostile territory with few people of any kind. Calgary and Alberta are said to thrive with monsters, demons and insane wizards. Persistent rumors claim there is some sort of Kingdom of Monsters being built in the ruins of Calgary. West of EI Paso are the prairies and deserts of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and the enigmatic wastelands and wilderness of California and the Pacific West Coast. South of the Rio Grande, technology has been lost. The old Mexican Empire is reduced to wide open steppes populated by tiny communities of peasant farmers, sheep herders, dinosaur ranchers, vampires and supernatural terrors. The new city of Ciudad Juarez is about 70 miles directly south of EI Paso, across the Rio Grande. It is easily twice the size of EI Paso, but is not considered a place for “civilized” people.

EI Paso is a fairly large city-state, especially compared to what is found around it. Other than Ciudad Juarez and Coalition outposts reporting to Lone Star, there are no cities for 500 miles around, and only a handful of small villages and the occasional one-horse town. Visitors from the Coalition megalopolises of the east may find EI Paso to be comparatively tiny, primitive, and dirty, similar to some of the better ’Burbs, but compared to Ciudad Juarez and most other wilderness communities, it is a sparkling paradise.

The streets are wide to accommodate giant robots, trucks, and all terrain vehicles. Half of the streets are paved, a quarter are covered with gravel, and only the smallest or newest streets are still dirt roads. The city is alive with travelers arriving and departing daily and there is always something going on around the clock. Merchant Avenue is the commercial center of town and full of stores and shops. Both travelers and residents of EI Paso line the streets to enjoy entertainment, dining, shopping, and frequent festivals and special city-sponsored events.

As the last great trade center in the West, El Paso is on the list of places to go for most travelers in the New West territories. It is a place to replenish supplies, buy new clothes, repair robots and vehicles, sell artifacts, furs and other goods, get medical attention, catch up on the latest rumors and news, and just plain relax. El Paso is surprisingly well policed, and is truly free of vampires—well, 95% of the time. With so many people coming and going, from time to time a few vampires manage to slip into town. However, as soon as word of their presence reaches the authorities, the undead are hunted down and exterminated or else driven way. Overall, EI Paso is a safe haven for humans and D-Bees alike. And while the Coalition States have a tiny diplomatic embassy on the outskirts of the city, the Coalition has no direct influence over the people of EI Paso. However, it does mean visitors may see the occasional squad of CS soldiers on the streets or a few out for a night on the town to relax (and maybe doing a little spying). CS troops and diplomatic ambassadors do not enjoy special treatment of any kind, and are often the butt of practical jokes, name-calling, and cheerful ridicule.

City Highlights

Note: EI Paso has two prosperous silver mines and a huge cattle industry. Consequently the prices of beef, cattle, silver and silver products (jewelry, anti-vampire items, etc.) are about 40% less than the standard cost elsewhere.

  • El Paso Magic Shop
  • The Traveler’s Inn House
  • The Open Market
  • Halloway Armorer & Outfitter
  • Wilk’s Laser Store
  • River Side Taxi & Guide Service
  • Daylight Ferry Service
  • Speedway Boating
  • Mystic Travel Service
  • Wild Bronco Arena
  • El Paso Psychic Healer Society
  • Halloway General Hospital
  • El Paso Police
  • El Paso Gangs

El Paso

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