El Paso Gangs


El Paso does have one perennial problem that the police and city administrators have not been able to solve: gangs! There are four major gangs operating in El Paso: the K-9s, the Wild Cats, the Trogs, and the Hammer. With the exception of the militant human supremacists that compose the Hammer, the majority of the gangs consist of uneducated and unskilled mutant animals and D-Bees.

El Paso’s close proximity to the Coalition State of Lone Star and openness to all life forms means the city finds itself the home of runaway dog boy soldiers and mutant animal refugees fleeing Lone Star. Not only do intelligent, mutant dogs find their way to the city, but felines and other, apparently experimental, mutant animals, including bears, horses, cattle, apes, and rodents. Fortunately, the CS’s creation of mutant animals is less prodigious than its bots and borgs.

  • The K-9s: The K-9s, as one might expect from the name, are renegade mutant dogs that have fled the Coalition’s Dog Boy troops or from Lone Star’s laboratories. The gang is predominately mutant dogs, but any mutant animal, except felines and birds, are permitted to join the gang. However, non-canines can never attain the highest positions within the gang.
  • The Wild Cats: The Wild Cats gang is another gang of mutant animals that popped up four years ago. For the last five years, the scientists at Lone Star have been trying to develop a mutant soldier that is a silent, stealthy hunter. To this end, a variety of felines have been used as test subjects. Unfortunately, the feline predator is instinctively a solitary hunter and does not function well within a large group nor exhibit the loyalty of the dog soldiers. This has made the felines unpredictable and dangerous.

Several such mutant felines have made their home in El Paso. They have created the gang of mutants and D-Bees known as the Wild Cats. Unlike the K-9s, whose members are predominately of canine origin, only the leaders and lieutenants of the Wild Cat gang are actually mutant cats. The other gang members are humans and D-Bees.

  • The Trogs: The Trog gang recruits non-humans, mostly poor and uneducated D-Bees and mutants, but also has a small number of humans. The humans are completely normal, although usually big, muscular, not too bright, and uneducated. The rest of the gang consists of the deformed, scarred, retarded, psionic, and alien in appearance or ability. The Trogs are the oldest gang in the city, but the mortality rate is high from frequent gang wars, and some of the other gangs have more enticing recruitment. This is really a gang for macho punks looking to prove how tough they are with their fists and a gun. Its members are mostly thugs, bullies, petty crooks and the downtrodden. Most are bitter and resentful of those who are handsomer, more popular, smarter and wealthier than they, and it is these people who are the targets of most of the Trogs’ crimes.
  • The Hammer: The Hammer is a gang of fascist human supremacists and a constant source of turmoil in the city. They continually wage attacks against the other gangs, assault and plunder non-human citizens and are involved in a variety of criminal pursuits.

Rumors suggest that the Hammer is secretly supported by the Coalition States (Lone Star and/or Chi-Town). The gang is unusually well equipped and seems to have vast resources, even though they are not as self-sufficient as their rivals. It is unlikely that their meager energies in crime could support them, as the members of the Hammer expend most of their energy harassing and terrorizing non-humans—but there is, as yet, no proof that they are supported by the CS.

El Paso Gangs

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