These Occupational Character Classes are drawn from the pages of the Main Book, Sourcebook One, Mercenaries, and the Vampire Kingdoms, Atlantis, and New West world books.

  • Atlantean Nomad: “The nomad might be thought of as a dimensional wilderness scout or an educated vagabond.” (Atlantis) rp8.jpg
  • Atlantean Undead Slayer: “Among the Atlanteans, however, there are the transdimensional hunters and slayers of supernatural evil known as the Undead Slayers. Their archenemies are vampires, vampire intelligences, and the Minions of Splugorth.” (Atlantis)
  • Atlantean Stone Master: “Stone Masters are practitioners of magic with a special gift: the talent to mend, shape, sculpt, transport, and commune with stone, rock, and gems.” (Atlantis)
  • Bandit: “Regardless of what the character may call himself—bandit, bandito, Raider (Pecos or otherwise), gangsman, gangster, highwayman, bushwhacker, etc.—the typical, ‘bandit’ is a vagabond thug.” (New West)
  • Bandit (Highwayman): “The Highwayman is a specialist in bushwhacking, ambushes
    and robbery on the road and in the wilderness. . . . Most Highwaymen are humans or D-Bees who live by the philosophy of only the strong should survive, and that the weak, foolish and careless are fair game for plunder.” (New West)
  • Body Fixer: “‘Body Fixer’ or ‘Fixer’ is the slang term for a medical doctor (M.D.); a person who can fix or heal the human body. The Body Fixer O.C.C. is a tough adventurer and, sometimes, freedom fighter dedicated to life and the pursuit of happiness. It is a rogue class, which means that they are not a legal medical doctor as recognized or authorized by the Coalition States. This means most fixers are criminals or rebels in the eyes of the Coalition.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Borg: “‘Borg’ is the popular slang term for cyborg. Cyborgs are men and women who have been surgically augmented with machines for the purpose of war. The combat design and intent is the main aspect that separates bionics from cybernetics, even though the basic principlesare the same.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Bounty Hunter: “The bounty hunter is a combination of city rat, spy, and wilderness scout who specializes in tracking down wanted criminals, desperadoes, and fugitives—dead or alive.” (New West)
  • City Rat: “Those who live in the lower levels of a city are generally nicknamed ‘Down Siders,’ but the city rat is a designation for a Down Sider troublemaker. Rats are usually young men and women in their teens or 20’s who walk on the wild side. They crave adventure and find it by bucking the system. A city rat may be an idealistic rebel who seeks reform and justice in a corrupt and unjust society like that of the Coalition, or he may be a computer hacker, beggar, thief, or gangland thug. The individual’s orientation and skills will reflect his alignment, ideals, ethics, and goals.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Coalition “Dead Boy” Grunt: “The grunt is the everyday infantry soldier. Generally, the soldier has no significant education or skills other than combat. In regard to combat, they are rough and ready warriors who greet the jaws of death with a smile.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Coalition Elite RPA: “The Robot Power Armor (RPA) elite are specially trained pilots and experts in the use of power armor and robots. These are the men and women behind the terrifying visage of the sky cycles, SAMAS, Enforcer UAR-ls, and Spider-skull Walkers.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Coalition Military Specialist: “The arts of espionage and reconnaissance are the trademarks of the Coalition military specialist. These guys are always officers who have undergone special training and cybernetic augmentation.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Coalition Technical Officer: “This character automatically starts off as a corporal and has specialized training in a particular area.” (Rifts Main Book)


  • Cowboy: “The cowboys of Rifts Earth have been as romanticized, especially by Easterners and citizens of the Coalition States, as they were in the pre-Rifts cinema, myths and legends. In fact, many of the pre-Rifts myths and wild extrapolations perpetuated in films, books and other fictional or semi-factual works have been accepted by the survivors of the Great Cataclysm as historical fact!” (New West)
  • Crazy: "The warriors known as “Crazies” are a cross between ninja masters and raving lunatics. They are trained warriors schooled in the arts of combat and athletics. Then they are augmented through the implantation of tiny electromagnetic devices placed in the brain." (Rifts Main Book)
  • Cyber-Doc: “The Down Side cyber-doc is a cybernetics doctor who offers his illegal services on the black market, much like the old abortion clinics of 1960’s America. The doc can be a well-trained, well-meaning cybernetics physician or he can be an opportunist or a butcher. Since the operations are illegal, the patient has little say about the success or failure regarding the outcome of surgery. Because medical treatment and authorized implantation are generally reserved for the military, political heads, and the wealthy, both are scarce and insufficient for the poor and non-political elite. Thus, in the Down Side, illegal clinics are in unbelievable demand. Cyber-docs can be found all over the place, if you know where to look.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Cyber-Knight: “Nobody knows exactly where they came from or why, but about 80 years ago the cyber-knight emerged. Some believe the cyber-knights came into being to oppose the ever growing and corrupt Coalition. Others say that they came to fight the hordes of supernatural beings that terrorize the land. The truth is that they are the champions of all who are oppressed, weak, and innocent, whether they be threatened by the Coalition or monsters from a rift.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Forger: “A brigand with a knack for art and forgery, this character uses his skills to create false passports, citizen’s papers, identity cards, credit cards, invoices, and other documents.” (Mercenaries)
  • Freelance Spy: “Spies are becoming commonplace on Rifts Earth. The half-dozen large nations of North America, the dozens of medium-sized kingdoms, and powerful corporations all want to get information on each other, as well as on other groups, like large mercenary forces, dragons, gangs, and rebels that may threaten their operations.” (Mercenaries)
  • Glitter Boy: “One of the most famous creations of the Time Before Rifts, as well as in the time of Rifts, is the ‘Glitter Boy.’ The name is derived from the laser resistant chrome of the Glitter Boy robot power armor. . . . Glitter Boy armor can be used by any character trained in piloting robot power armor, but they pilot the shimmering vehicle at the basic level. Only the pilots of the Glitter Boy O.C.C. are specifically trained in the complete understanding and operation of the armor.” (Rifts Main Book)


  • Gunfighter: “Do not confuse the Gunfighter with the Gunslinger. The latter is a quick-draw shooter who specializes in the use of handguns and murder—in many regards, he is a professional duelist and assassin. The Gunfighter is a combination weapons master, marksman, mechanic (at least when it comes to weapons), and mercenary fighter.” (New West)
  • Gunslinger: “A popular saying in the New West is that ‘the only thing meaner, deadlier and lower than a rattlesnake is a Gunslinger.’ That should give players a pretty good idea of how most people view members of this occupation.” (New West)
  • Headhunter: “A headhunter is a mercenary; a warrior-for-hire. However, a ‘true’ headhunter is an expert in weapons and tracking. They are the die-hard men-of-arms who love the challenge of combat and the chance to cheat death. All they know is combat. They have fought all their lives and will die fighting. The headhunters credo is ‘Fight the good fight and die with the enemy’s heart in your hand.’” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Juicer: “The Coalition has outlawed Juicer technology and will not hire Juicer mercenaries. Anyone convicted of creating a Juicer is executed. Still, an occasional Body-Chop-Shop will offer Juicer conversion at a staggering three to four hundred thousand (400,000) credits. And still, people submit themselves to the punishment of drugs to attain, what they see as, a brief period of perfection.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Justice Ranger: “Unlike most sheriffs and lawmen, the Justice Rangers openly act as manhunter, judge, jury, and executioner. They often lead posses and stir up townspeople for lynchings and vigilante actions. Justice Rangers seem to have a particular vendetta against supernatural monsters. . . .” (New West)
  • Lawman: “The town sheriff of the New West is the embodiment of the law. He or she performs the everyday duties of a police officer or detective, plus, in many cases, the added responsibility of being in charge of the well-being of the entire town!” (New West)


  • Line Walker: “The ley line walker spends years learning to focus his thoughts and build his will in order to direct and mold mystic energy. He also spends years learning how to let the ley line energy flow into and through him, building his tolerance for magic energy and making the walker a sort of living relay station and energy transformer, as well as a P.P.E. battery.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Master Assassin: “Assassins are also making a comeback on Earth. Many of them are ex-military or ex-security force members who have only one truly valuable skill: killing people.” (Mercenaries)
  • Mining Borg: “Mining is a dangerous business. Cave-ins, land slides, explosions and poison gases are but a few of the hazards faced when mining for the treasures of gold, silver, copper, iron, coal, and other valuable minerals deep below the earth. Nobody quite knows who first came up with the idea to use bionics for mining, but such augmentation and full conversions are common in the Western Territories.” (New West)
  • Mystic: “A mystic is more of an intuitive fellow who can sense different aspects and happenings on the physical and metaphysical levels of life. They are often acclaimed advisors and prophets who can glimpse the future. The intuitive nature of the mystic’s power means that they simply accept suddenly knowing something and have learned to trust their feelings. This also means that most mystics disregard formal education in favor of following their cosmic path.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Operator: “The operator is a sort of mercenary repairman. They are the mechanical and electrical whiz-kids who can fix just about anything. As such, they are always a welcome sight in any community and are treated with respect and admiration.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Preacher: “The New West, like the West of old, can be a lawless land of violence and conflict. In the old days, traveling judges would go from town to town dealing frontier justice to those who broke the law. With the coming of the Rifts, the New West is an even tougher, more violent frontier where the law usually comes from those with the biggest muscles and most powerful guns. A new breed of traveling judge walks the land during these tumultuous times, the Preacher.” (New West)
  • Professional Gambler: “The stereotype of the Professional Gambler is typically a slick dresser with a certain air of sophistication and a polished manner. While this is often the case, the Professional Gambler or Cardsharp, can look and act rich or poor, suave and confident or rough around the edges and uncertain, sophisticated or bawdy. However, one thing is true of them all, they are risk takers in the high-stakes game of adventure and life.” (New West)
  • Professional Thief: “The professional thief is a cut above the two-bit hoodlum most people picture when they think of thieves. They are more like cat-burglars or surveillance experts. This character rarely engages in muggings or petty robbery. They set their sights on larger, more challenging targets.” (Mercenaries)
  • Psi-Slinger: “The Psi-Slinger is a latent psychic with the ability of sixth sense and the ability to power his or her weapons with nothing more than psychic energy! These men and women are much like the typical Gunslinger but they tend to be much cockier and more flamboyant.” (New West)
  • Rogue Scientist: “One of the new Earth’s great frontiersmen is the rogue scientist. These men and women suffer from an insatiable lust for knowledge that drives them into the wastelands and wilderness to rediscover their planet, and humankind’s past. They explore the ruins of toppled cities and the habits of new and menacing life forms that have emerged from the rifts.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Rogue Scholar: “The rogue scholar may not be quite what you expect. Like the scientist, he or she is frequently a rugged, physically fit explorer and keeper of knowledge. Also like the scientist, the rogue scholar is on the Coalition States’ top most wanted list of criminal activists. They are considered to be more dangerous than the men of science, because the scholar seeks out knowledge and truth and teaches it to others.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Saddle Tramp: “The Saddle Tramp is the nomadic vagabond of the New West. These characters like to think of themselves as free-spirited Jacks-of-All-Trades who ride wherever the wind blows them and stop (for a while) whenever they please. In reality, most are uneducated drifters born of peasants or bandits with little to no formal education and minimal training in any profession.” (New West)
  • Safecracker: “A safecracker is a demolitions expert and mechanical engineer who uses his special ‘talents’ to ‘crack’ safes, open security doors, break in and out of prisons, pick locks, and/or bypass or disarm security systems and similar feats.” (Mercenaries)
  • Saloon Bum: “The Saloon Bum is typically a spineless coward, and/or a two-bit thug, or alcoholic. Unlike the Saddle Tramp, there is rarely anything good or likeable about this character.” (New West)
  • Saloon Girl: “Saloon Girls who embark on a life as an adventurer enjoy travel and action. They handle the hardships of the wilderness (and handguns) as well as most men and enjoy manipulating foolish men, learning secrets, and tricking scoundrels.” (New West)
  • Sheriff’s Deputy: “Deputy Sheriffs, also known simply as ‘deputies,’ are the sheriff’s handpicked police officers and makes up the majority of large western police forces. They are expected to be as loyal and trustworthy as the sheriff, although they are rarely as skilled.” (New West)


  • Shifter: “Shifters are students of magic whose emphasis is mastery of the rifts, in regard to opening dimensional portals and summoning creatures form the rifts! These mages have a reputation of being irrational and evil. However, it is an undeserved reputation, for there are as many good and kind shifters as there are good wizards of the other magic occupations. The difference is that shifters obviously deal with supernatural forces that are terrifying to most people.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Smuggler: “The smuggler is fundamentally a combination of confidence man and thief. . . . These brigands learn to think on their feet, use words carefully and to their advantage (many are masterful liars), and develop a poker face.” (Mercenaries)
  • Special Forces: “Special Forces soldiers are given special training not available to regular troopers. . . . The Coalition Military Specialist is a Special Forces class. This OCC applies for the most part to non-Coalition armies in city-states like Ishpeming or the Mantisique Imperium.” (Mercenaries)
  • Super-Spy: “The Super-Spy is the same basic type of character as the Freelance Spy, but he or she also has an edge. The edge may be magical, psionic, or cybernetic (player’s choice).” (Mercenaries)
  • Tattooed-Man: “The typical Tattooed Man was captured by Splugorth slavers, taken from their families, forcibly given magic tattoos (a painful process), trained in the use of tattoos, subjected to indoctrination in order to condition them for their new life as warrior slaves, and sold into slavery, usually to monstrous, inhuman slave masters.” (Atlantis)
  • T-Monster Man: “T-Monster Men are Tattooed Men who place an emphasis on monster and animal and monster tattoos.” (Atlantis)
  • Tattoo Maxi-Man: “The most savage and powerful of the human and ogre Tattooed Men are the Maxi-men. They are elite fighters and masters in using tattoos who have been raised since infancy to accept their lot in life as a warrior slave.” (Atlantis)
  • Techno-Wizard: “The techno-wizard (TW) is the most unconventional of the magic occupational character classes. They are men of magic who have learned to combine magic with technology. Although the techno-wizard can cast spells and read scrolls, the focus of their magic is the creation of magic devices. The wizard has learned to direct his potential psychic energies into machines, enabling those devices to do strange and magical things that seem to defy known science.” (Rifts Main Book)


  • Wilderness Scout: “The known world is one vast wilderness with tiny pockets of civilization, both human and alien, low technology and high. Most civilized people stay away from the wilderness or challenge the forces that roam the wilds with mechanical juggernauts that can bash through the toughest terrain and monsters. Peasant villagers, farmers, and nomads traverse the wilderness. They have learned to adapt to their environment. But none have learned the secrets of the wild like the wilderness scout.” (Rifts Main Book)
  • Wired Gunslinger: “The Wired Gunslinger is a character who has been mechanically hardwired for greater reflexes, reaction time and response movement. Basically the character is programmed to respond to movement, quickly identify an enemy or hostile action, and respond by targeting, quick draw, and shooting him dead!” (New West)
  • Vagabond: “Not everybody who gets involved in adventure is a specialist in combat or other area of training. Some are just ordinary people who get swept up in the flow of events or decide that it is time they make a change in their life. Others are characters who possess some natural power, but do not have great training or education other than in the use of their powers.” (Rifts Main Book)


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