Here follows a list of playable races and RCCs. Remember that unless the race counts as an RCC, you must also select an OCC. Sources are noted after each description.

  • Adarok RCC: “A mountain with legs and wings is the common description for the adarok. They tower 40 feet tall and look like a monstrous demon or a demonic sliver of mountain come to life. Surprisingly, the frightening giants are kind and gentle creatures. Most hate to kill and inflict pain and seldom eat meat.” (Atlantis)
  • Atlantean: “Physically, True Atlanteans might be considered supermen.” (Atlantis)
  • Bearmen of the North: “Humanoid mutant animals are not uncommon to Rifts Earth, particularly in North America, thanks to the genetic engineers of the Coalition’s Lone Star Complex. . . . Consequently, the Bearmen of the North . . . are frequently mistaken for Lone Star creations, CS spies, or demonic monstrosities. Of these possibilities, the Palladium Bearmen might best be considered ‘demonic monstrosity’ or a Coalition Ursa-Warrior, and both are considered hostile and extremely dangerous.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Blind Warrior Woman RCC: “The blind warrior women of Altara are one of the most famous of the lesser minions, to humans, because of their association with the Splugorth Slaver; four to six warriors accompany every Splugorth slave barge. . . . The Coalition has speculated that they are juicers or crazies, but there is no evidence to support such conjecture. . . . No one knows for sure. . . . From an outsider’s point of view, the women are apparently loyal slaves. However, this is not entirely true.” (Atlantis)
  • Brodkil: “The Brodkil are a race of superhuman giants who are natural MDC creatures. They are apparently of supernatural origin, but do not possess significant powers other than superhuman strength, MDC body, and the ability to turn invisible. The brodkil are incredibly aggressive and war-like; fortunately, they are nomad scavengers with no technology of their own nor organized society.” (Sourcebook One)


  • Bruutasaur RCC: “Bruutasaurs are primitive, Stone Age, tribal hunters and gatherers from an alien world. . . . The Great Lizards, as they are sometimes called, have learned to use basic weapons, armor, and technology, but still tend to rely on their brute strength, size, and intimidation rather than the trappings of technology or magic. . . . Bruutasaurs have a reputation for being more animalistic than human in intelligence, but that is untrue; it’s just that their hunter instincts and raw physicality makes them best suited as raiders and fighters.” (D-Bees of North America)
  • Cactus People RCC: “The Cactus People (their real name is impossible for most humans to pronounce; Clszymllxbrrxxyfwrr) get their name from the fact that they are cactus-green and have a number of lumps and thorny protrusions that resemble Earth Cactus.” (New West)
  • Canine – Wolfen: “The most civilized and powerful of the . . . canine races is the Wolfen, a fierce warrior people who have risen out of barbarism and constant war only in the last two or three generations. On Rifts Earth, Wolfen are believed to be a rarity, although there are rumors of a new culture of warrior canines in the style of the Ancient Roman Empire repopulating Italy. . . . In Rifts North America, a Wolfen is very likely to be mistaken for a Dog Boy or some similar mutant canine created by the Coalition States.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Canine – Coyle: “Another canine humanoid from the Palladium World is the Coyle. They are smaller cousins of the Palladium Wolfen who refuse to join the Wolfen’s quest to build their own civilization and culture and who revel in barbarism and savagery.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Changeling: “Changelings are feared because of their impressive ability to assume any humanoid shape, and are so skilled with their shape-changing ability that they can imitate specific individuals and races perfectly. Thus, they make the ideal assassin, bounty hunter, seducer, spy, thief, infiltrator, and invader. . . . Are there any Changelings on Rifts Earth? Could be.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Cyber-Horsemen RCC: “The Cyber-Horsemen of Ixion are an enigma. Rumor has it that the Cyber-Horsemen have built a city called Ixion (eye-zon) somewhere in the wilderness of British Columbia. In fact, most humanoids refer to these mechanized centaurs by the name of the fabled city, Ixion, as often as ‘Cyber-Horsemen’ or ‘Cyber-Centaurs.’” (D-Bees of North America)
  • D’norr Devilman: “The D’norr’s devilish appearance comes from their red complexion accented by dark blue eyes, gnarled and pointed ears, and a pair of horns that protrude from the forehead. . . . Despite their name and demonic appearance, Devilmen are actually highly intelligent, thoughtful, and compassionate. Most study social behavior, philosophy, the arts, and scholastic pursuits. . . . Most D’norr detest violence and a third are devout pacifists who fight only to defend themselves or to protect the innocent.” (D-Bees of North America)


  • Dragon Hatchlings: “Dragons are not indigenous to Earth, but are beings from an unknown dimension. They seem to have left behind any homeworld they may have had in favor of transdimensional exploration, for dragons have been found to inhabit numerous worlds and dimensions. As creatures of magic, they are inexorably drawn to realms where magic energy is high. The Earth of Rifts is overflowing with magic energy, so they come.” (Main Book)
    • Horned Dragon RCC
    • Fire Dragon RCC
    • Ice Dragon RCC
    • Thunder Lizard RCC
  • Dragon Slayer RCC: “The Pogtal Dragon Slayers are a race of warrior giants and are creatures of magic. The Pogtalian’s native world is a lush wilderness. . . . The dominant life form are dragons and dragon-like predators. . . . The Dragon Slayers have evolved to survive in this hostile land of giants by themselves becoming giants and developing resistance to magic as well as a variety of other features that enable to combat their natural nemesis, the dragon.” (Vampire Kingdoms)
  • Dragonmen: “Dragonmen are a race of fierce-looking humanoids native to the Baalgor Wastelands of the Palladium World. They are demonic in appearance, with numerous horns protruding from their spines, and have long talons. . . . They are extremely rare and have become valuable commodities at regional slave markets. . . . Any Dragonman found on Rifts Earth is probably a runaway slave trying to find peace and make a life in this alien world.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Dwarf: “Dwarves are a race of short, powerfully-built subterranean people who once built fabulous underground cities, held the secrets of rune magic and summoning, and co-ruled the Palladium World in the shadow of the Elves. . . . Eventually, a senseless feud erupted into an insane war that toppled both Elven and Dwarven civilization. . . . On Rifts Earth, Dwarves are a rarity. Those encountered are either dimension-spanning adventurers or the victims of circumstance. Of those who have broken away from the fantasy mode, they quickly adapt to high technology, computers, science, and engineering.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Elf: “The Elves of the Palladium World (and Rifts Earth) are a race of tall, handsome, long-lived humanoids with a penchant for learning, artwork, and magic. . . . On Rifts Earth, Elves are scarce. For whatever reason, they have avoided Rifts Earth, even though Elves are counted among the elite sorcerers who are dimensional travelers, and one would think the many dimensional portals to other worlds and realities would appeal to them.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Erta RCC: “The Erta are ugly, subterranean, serpentine creatures with a humanoid upper torso, four human arms, and a long, spiked tail. . . . The Erta are hate-filled, cruel, merciless predators that enjoy torturing and tormenting other creatures. . . . Their most formidable power is the natural magic power to move through rock and earth identical to the stone masters of Atlantis.” (Atlantis)
  • Fennodi RCC: “The Fennodi are an example of the peaceful D-bees who have made Earth their new home. These aliens are a quiet, gentle people who abhor violence and wander the prairies and deserts of the west tending small herds of cattle and other livestock. . . . Most Fennodi, males and females, are nomads who like to wander, love the land, tend livestock, and mind their own business. They are the friends of all cowboys, most Indians, Lyn-Srial and welcome all people who come in peace, even Wild Psi-Stalkers (who frequently prey upon Fennodi because of their high P.P.E.).” (New West)
  • Flooper RCC: Floopers are short, potbellied, silly-looking, floppy-eared D-Bees who serve as clowns, tumblers, and jugglers. . . . Less reputable traveling shows often employ Floopers as expert thieves and spies. . . . The power of flooping is the strange ability to completely disappear! Not become invisible, but to momentarily vanish without a trace by teleporting into a limbo-like dimension." (Vampire Kingdoms)
  • Giants: “In the Palladium World, giants are usually feared by most humanoids and are often charged with crimes they did not commit or attacked out of fear. Consequently, most giants there build their domains in the remote areas away from humans and other life forms. . . . On Rifts Earth they . . . frequently try to establish small towns or kingdoms where they lord over fearful and downtrodden human and D-Bee subjects. Not all giants are monsters and tyrants. Some are legitimate lords, leaders, heroes and protectors beloved by the townspeople they lead or serve and protect.” (Conversion Book One)
    • Algor (Frost Giant)
    • Cyclops
    • Jotan
    • Gigantes (Mutant Giants)
    • Minotaur
    • Nimro
    • Rahu-Man
    • Titan (Hero Giant)
  • Goblin: “Goblins are among the most common of the sub-human races or so-called ‘monster races’ on the Palladium World. They are known to exist on several other worlds, including ancient Earth, probably brought to such places as the underlings of dragons, powerful sorcerers, and supernatural beings. . .” (Conversion Book One)
  • Gosai: “These soft-spoken killers originate from another planet and were brought to the Palladium World as assassins and spies during the Elf-Dwarf War. The Gosai were originally a tree-dwelling people well-suited for the region’s original jungle and forest environment. . . . For the most part, humans and other races see these desert wanderers as just another exotic race in an exotic land. However, many still consider the Gosai as dangerous and spooky as ever.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Grackle Tooth: “The Grackle Tooth D-Bee, sometimes called ‘the Mighty Grackle Tooth’ or ‘the Deadly Grackle,’ is a large, barrel-chested, and musclebound D-Bee from another world. Grackle Tooth are an unusual combination of brawn and good-natured humor that a person is not likely to forget. . . . For some reason, Grackle Tooth love smoking cigars, military fatigues and gear, belts with lots of pouches, and wearing bandoleers. They also have a thing for shotguns, grenade launchers, machine-guns and rail guns, and often sling belts of ammo over their shoulders, too. . . . Most have a lust for adventure and action, but also have a high regard for life and a keen sense of fair play an djustice.” (D-Bees of North America)


  • Hawrk-duhk RCC: “The hawrk-duhk are flightless, duck-billed humanoids that resemble a bird. . . . They are not aggressive and fight only in self defense. However, they are very inquisitive and interested in domestic pursuits, playing, and exploring.” (Atlantis)
  • Hawrk-ka RCC: “The hawrk-ka are powerful, alien predators that are sometimes confused with the shedim demons or the creations of Lone Star genetic manipulation. . . . The creatures are excellent and merciless predators, preying on the zembahk, hawrk-duhk, and other smaller creatures. Their most significant feature is that they are completely impervious to magic!” (Atlantis)
  • Hawrk-ohl RCC: The hawrk-ohl are powerful, bird-like predators that resemble a humanoid owl. . . . Unlike their cousins the hawrk-ka, they do not love to hunt and kill, but are just very good at it and fearless and merciless in combat." (Atlantis)
  • Humans: “Humankind had teetered on the brink of extinction for over 300 years. Even now, in the year 102 P.A., humankind’s existence is not assured. The Coalition States is the largest and most powerful nation in the Americas and one of the few collective communities of predominately non-mutant humans. All citizens are true descendants of pre-rift human ancestry and exhibit no signs of mutation, with the occasional exception of psychic powers. An estimated 14 million humans occupy the vast strip of middle America claimed by the Coalition. . . . A fairly impressive number of people, especially for the world of Rifts. But remember, the 14 million people are spread across four of the old American States and parts of Canada; approximately 850,000 square miles of land. The average number of people per square mile is a pitiful 16. Except for urban hubs like Chi-Town and Quebec, where a million or more people live, every Coalition State has thousands of square miles of uninhabited land; in many cases, unexplored land.” (Sourcebook One)
  • Jaguar People RCC: “Werejaguars roam the southern forests of Mexico and parts of the Yucatan and South America. The old Mayan ruin of Palenque is the lair of a community of an estimated one hundred werejaguars and is known as the Domain of the Jaguar People. Most locals leave the Jaguar People alone, because they protect the area from vampires and are not too troublesome if not antagonized.” (Vampire Kingdoms)
  • Keepers of the Desert: “The Keepers of the Desert are a group of nomads who are considered outcasts by all civilized humans and feared as the enemy of man. . . . Despite these tall tales and horror stories, there are also tales of prospectors, mercenaries and adventurers who, lost in the desert or dying of exposure, have been rescued and magically restored by mysterious saviors. . . . The typical Keeper of the Desert wears a hooded robe or poncho, hat and scarf that covers the face. . . . They also protect all life in ‘their’ desert, even humans and D-bees traveling through it, especially from wickedness, cruelty and pointless destruction. . . . However, their view of justice and punishment is hard, and those found to be ‘wicked’ or ‘destroyers’ are themselves destroyed by the Keepers of the Desert.” (New West)
  • Kittani (Warrior, Scientist, or Agent) RCC: “The Kittani are a technologically advanced race from another world. . . . They are incredibly inventive, resourceful, brilliant, and aggressive. . . . They are a high spirited, energetic, and cheerful people, but also cruel and evil. . . . They have facial features that resemble a gorilla, the body is powerfully built and covered in short black hair.” (Atlantis)
  • Krypt RCC: “All Krypts are ugly little creatures that stand two-and-a-half to three feet tall. They are slightly hunchbacked, with a prominent bony spine running down the back. The arms are long and rimmed with a leathery membrane that’s similar to a bat’s wing. . . . The head is long, ending in a hard, beak-like mouth lined with tiny pointy teeth. . . . Krypts are vicious little monsters that love to cause trouble through lies, instigation of evil acts by others, and cruelty.” (Vampire Kingdoms)
  • Kryygorth Hunter RCC: “These instinctively vicious, semi-humanoid predators are named after the Splugorth who first discovered them. On their homeworld, they were at the top of the food chain, the undisputed rulers of their world. Then, Kryygorth the Splugorth found them and all that changed. Cruelly, these once supreme hunters were chained and sold into slavery. . . . Constantly hunched over and ready to spring into action, Kryygorth Hunters are armed with razor-sharp claws and powerful jaws. Hard, pointed fangs line the mouth of its demonic, reptilian head.” (Splynn Dimensional Market) lesson.png
  • Kryygorth’s Lesson RCC: At first glance, one would assume that these powerfully built, muscular humanoids are just one of the many brutes who serve the Splugorth. In truth, these robust humanoids are actually magic users. The beings known as ’Kryygorth’s Lessons’ are supernatural creatures who, thanks to Bio-Wizard manipulation, must bow to the will of others. . . . Kryygorth’s Lessons who are freed from a master, commonly called ‘Emancipated Lessons,’ are truly rare. These few have usually been inadvertently freed thanks to the help of strangers or heroes who had a score to settle with their masters. However, there are some who have managed to “arrange” their freedom on their own through cunning and patience. These beings are proud and free to choose their own path, however, they pay a terrible price for freedom: all their incredible powers vanish." (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Kryygorth Pegasus RCC: “Also called the ‘K-Pegasus’ or ‘K-Peg’ for short, the Kryygorth Pegasus is a beautiful winged creature, very reminiscent of the true Pegasus. Their wings are large and majestic. Their eyes are the deepest shade of blue. And their body is toned and muscular, like a finely crafted statue. In all ways, they are the equal of the true Pegasus in terms of grace and beauty. They might even be mistaken for the legendary creatures were it not for one fact. The Kryygorth Pegasus has human-like forearms and articulated hands with two thick fingers and an opposable thumb! While it is natural for them to run on all fours, they often stand and sit on their hind legs like a biped. In addition, the K-Peg possesses human-like intelligence, has a delightful singing voice and wields a limited amount of magic.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Larmac RCC: “The Larmac are big, beefy D-Bees who resemble giant horned toads or lizards, right down to their rough, scaly and blotchy tan or greenish-gray skin. . . . Larmac are a study in contrast. Reasonably intelligent, large and physically powerful, they can make formidable combatants and warriors to be feared. In fact, most survive as tough scavengers, rough and tumble bandits, and brazen warriors using strong-arm techniques, intimidation, and brute force to get by. But that’s just it, most Larmac are underachievers who only do enough work to get by and make do on very little. They dream of making it big, but they are low-key, easygoing, unmotivated, complacent, and downright lazy. . . . When not ‘working,’ Larmac have four favorite hobbies: partying, eating, boozing, and sleeping.” (D-Bees of North America)
  • Lyvorrk Lizard Men RCC: “If you have ever wondered what a person might look like if he evolved from a velociraptor, take a look at the Lyvorrk and you’ll see. If it weren’t for the loose clothing—typically ponchos, hooded cloaks, capes, or robes—and the jewelry or belts they wear, you’d have trouble recognizing a Lyvorrk from a theropod dinosaur.” (D-Bees of North America)


  • Lyn-Srial RCC: “The Lyn-Srial, also known as the Golden Ones, Cloudweavers and Sky-Knights, are a race of bird-like, golden skinned humanoids from a dimension far beyond the Earth—a dimension of mountains, towering bluffs, cloud cities and endless blue-green skies. They are a peaceful people who have dedicated their lives to helping others end violence and find peace as they have.” (New West)
  • Mountain Giant RCC: "Mountain Giants are hulking, musclebound behemoths that, according to some rumors and speculation, are the creation of Doctor Desmond Bradford at the Lone Star Genetics Complex in an attempt to bring out humankind’s primal instincts and power. If this is true, the experiment was a success on some level, because Mountain Giants are savage, primal hunters — “a cross between a raging bull and an insane lion,” reported one onlooker of a battle involving three of the giants against nine CS soldiers." (New West)
  • Mutant Cat RCC: “For the last five years, the scientists at Lone Star have been trying to develop a mutant soldier that is a silent, stealthy hunter. To this end, a variety of felines have been used as test subjects. Unfortunately, the feline predator is instinctively a solitary hunter and does not function well within a large group nor exhibit the loyalty of dog soldiers. This has made the felines unpredictable and dangerous.” (Vampire Kingdoms)
  • Nurilian Plant-People RCC: “An army of Plant-People tend the fields of Atlantis, as they do on all Splugorth worlds, because they are amazingly skilled farmers attuned to the land and plants around them. They can actually commune with the earth and plant life to completely sense and understand the growing conditions they have to work with and any deficiencies in the soil or problems with the crops. This enables the Plant-People to attain and maintain perfect growing conditions and optimal crop growth. They can do all this and more because, as their name suggests, they are some sort of intelligent form of plant life themselves!” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Octoman: “These beings were given their name because they resemble large walking ‘octopi.’ They have eight tentacle appendages attached to a small, spherical torso and a bulbous head with two large eyes and a small beak-like mouth. Four of its tentacles function as its legs. These tentacles move in an undulating rhythm that make it seem as if the Octomen is rolling on wheels when it walks. The other four tentacles serve as arms. They have slender, tapered tips which are capable of pulling triggers, pushing buttons, and just about anything else a human hand can do. . . . Their four arms and high dexterity makes them superb Gunfighters and Gunslingers capable of firing four revolvers at once.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Ogre: “Ogres resemble a giant, neanderthal-like prehistoric cousin to humans. There are a growing number of scholars who believe that humans and ogres share a common ancestry. . . . Unlike other D-Bees, Ogres enjoy the many harsh, vast wildernesses of Earth and embrace the challenge for survival. They readily take to [advanced] armor, energy weapons and rail guns, as well as cybernetic implants and partial bionic reconstruction.” (Conversion Book One)


  • Orc: “Orcs are the most common of the sub-human races found on the Palladium World. . . . They are large, dull-witted brutes, heavily muscled and more broadly built than humans. . . . The Orcs of the Palladium World tend to be warrior parasites who raid, fight, and steal from others . . . . On Rifts Earth, Orcs are found in D-Bee populations of the ’Burbs around Chi-Town, Iron Heart, and Lone Star, though not in significant numbers. They also comprise a full 30 percent of the bandits in the Pecos Empire and are found in Ciudad Juarez and are scattered throughout Mexico and parts of the American West. . . . Ever lustful for power and wealth—especially power—Orcs have been known to embrace all manner of human augmentation, especially partial and full bionic conversions. Some even subject themselves to M.O.M. conversions and have attempted Juicer conversions. . . . Attempts at Juicer conversions are only successful 1-33% of the time.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Overlord RCC: “The Overlords compose the Splugorth’s main military force and a large percentage of the population among minions. . . . The Kydians are normally large, super strong, with powerful builds, and possess great physical endurance. This makes them ideal infantry soldiers. The Splugorth Overlords, as the Kydians are known, have become the backbone of the Splugorth Empire. . . . To ensure the Overlords’ loyalty, the Splugorth teach them only those basic skills that they would need to function as good soldiers and most are uneducated in the ways of magic, science, and technology.” (Atlantis)
  • Psychics: “The CS has its share of mutants and humans augmented by cybernetics and/or bionics, but their numbers are few and all look quite human. Official records indicate that twelve percent of the population possesses some measurable degree of psionics (psychic powers are considered a mutation), but the real number is probably an additional five percent. About two percent possess major and master psionics. People considered psionic mutants include those with minor, major and master psychic powers, mind melters, bursters, and psi-stalkers. Most of the latter work in the military.” (Sourcebook One)
    • Burster RCC
    • Psi-Stalker RCC
    • Dog Pack RCC
    • Mind Melter RCC
  • Pythonan RCC: “Pythonans look just like large snakes with scales in various shades of green, gold and black with different color patterns. At first glance, a human might mistake them for an animal or just another supernatural predator. However, Pythonans are incredibly intelligent and civilized beings who respect all life forms and appreciate most cultures. They love philosophy and science, find magic as well as human behavior absolutely fascinating, and possess an acute sense of humor and irony. Despite their lack of limbs they easily manipulate tools with their highly prehensile and sensitive tail and powers of telekinesis.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Quillback: “The Quillback is a handsome and curious little being who resembles a humanoid version of a hedgehog or porcupine. . . . Friendly and inquisitive, the typical Quillback will try and make the best of his situation on Rifts Earth, and if he can’t return home, is likely to embark on a life of adventure and study.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Quorian: Another race “recruited” during the Elf-Dwarf Wars . . . these humanoids were summoned from an alien world by the Dwarves. Aggressive and warlike, the Quorians are disciplined and orderly fighters who rarely engage in senseless bloodshed. They have a surprisingly high regard for life, unless it is a Gosai’s life. Consequently, they are renowned men at arms who often wander the world where they earn a living by the edge of their sword and business end of a gun . . ." (Conversion Book One)
  • Robot RCC: “The robot is considered a Racial Character Class because the character is unique and his skills and abilities are directly related to the robot’s physical design and intelligence. There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to playing the bot Racial Character Class (”bot" is the Rifts’s slang term for robot, of course). Some of the advantages are that the character starts off incredibly skilled and capable. The bot is an advanced creature with quicker reflexes, superhuman endurance and is physically more powerful than a typical human. Some of the disadvantages are that a damaged bot does not heal like a creature of flesh and blood; consequently, it may be difficult to effect physical repairs of any kind and robot repairs will always be extremely expensive! And in most cases, the robot can not learn new things. It is stuck with its initial programming." (Sourcebook One) rulian.png
  • Rulian Translator RCC: “Rulian Translators are natural telepathic and empathic receivers who have an unmatched talent for understanding, translating and learning new languages. Their vocal chords are both strong and flexible, allowing them to create an incredible range of sounds, including super-low vibrations and ultrasonics. In addition to being superior translators/interpreters, the Rulian’s natural aptitude with language also makes them masters of linguistics and mathematics (which is just another language to them), as well as decryption. However, these beings are not the living computers they may seem to be. Hidden beneath a Rulian’s seemingly cold, alien exterior lies the heart of a poet.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Shaper RCC: “Shapers are strange little D-Bees about the size of a chimpanzee who possess the power to change their appearance at will. They have modest intelligence, but possess an amazing sense of humor, wit, slapstick, and comic timing. Shapers are energetic and helpful, although sometimes are way too energetic and silly to be of much genuine help.” (D-Bees of North America)
  • Shaydor Intel RCC: “The Shaydorian Intel has an insect appearance, because of the head and large eyes, but is a mammal. They are a bit faster and more aggressive than their genetic cousins, the Spherians, but share their inquisitive nature and quiet dispositions. Many more Intel willingly serve the Splugorth and can acquire a reasonably high position among the Minions. Others seem fanatically opposed to the Splugorth and what they represent. . . . On Earth, the Shaydorian Intel are rumored to have joined forces with the True Atlanteans.” (Atlantis)
  • Shaydor Spherian RCC: “The shaydor are a gentle, quiet, inquisitive people who fell easy prey to the Splugorth invaders. . . . A race fascinated by other people, they have been attracted to Rifts Earth. They are found on Earth as free adventurers, explorers, minions and slaves of the Splugorth. They are both admired and feared for their psionic powers. Their alien appearance (covered in a hard, shell-like skin with a metallic or crystalline appearance, seven appendages dangling from the round body) only adds to the apprehension of humans and most humanoids.” (Atlantis)
  • Simvan Monster Rider: “Another alien menace from the Calgary rift is the Simvan
    Monster Riders. The Simvan are a race of intelligent humanoid cannibals. . . . The culture is not unlike most nomadic societies: the men are the builders, hunters and protectors while the women are the homemakers, bearing and raising children, preparing food, making clothes, etc. The women are also the healers and possess natural psionic healing abilities. . . . The Simvan are known as ‘Monster Riders’ because they have an uncanny ability to tame monsters and use them as mounts and beasts of burden. The monsters selected are frequently creatures believed to be untamable, and almost always carnivorous.” (Sourcebook One)
  • Straphra (Warrior, Warlord, or Mystic) RCC: “On an ancient world in a dark corner of the Megaverse, the Staphra were the primal masters of their destiny. They are a humanoid race blessed with psionic powers, great physical prowess, and rudimentary skill in magic. To be more accurate, the females of the species possess great strength, speed, and endurance, while the more fragile males master their limited abilities in the mystic arts—both have their share of psionic might. Females had to be strong to bear young and protect the new generations. Males turned their attention to the more esoteric arts to become the healers and armorers of their society. For eons, they were the dominant race on their world and spent all of their efforts in the betterment of their people. Things changed the day the Splugorth arrived.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)


  • Troll: “Trolls are a race of vindictive, foul-hearted giants who detest humans, Elves, and other handsome humanoids. They are intelligent and cunning predators that prey on smaller beings and, occasionally, animals. They often resemble giant, hairy corpses with pale white or light gray skin covered with darker gray or purple blotches. Huge canine fangs protrude from the lower jaw. . . . On Rifts Earth, trolls are a rare breed. . . . They love vibro-blades, magic items, and traditional blade weapons with a passion. . . .” (Conversion Book One)
  • True Bio-Borg RCC: “Whether one calls them ‘Elite,’ ‘True,’ or ‘Full’ Bio-Borgs, all are humanoids who have undergone the process of Bio-Wizard ‘transmutation’ as well as being merged and augmented with symbiotes and other organisms or grafts to transform them into superhuman beings.” (Splynn Dimensional Market)
  • Vrill: “Vrill are bipedal humanoids who look like a cross between a lizard and frog. . . . They possess large amphibian eyes that are covered by nictitating membranes to keep out sand and grit. Vrill have graceful and lithe bodies, but are not very muscular, strong, or bulky.” (Conversion Book One)
  • Were-Dragon RCC: Although not a true werebeast or a true dragon, nor even a real creature of magic, this shapechanger is nonetheless called the Were-Dragon because of its impressive ability to transform from a slender hairless humanoid to a small, winged serpent. Although true dragons are respected and worshiped in Atlantis, Were- Dragons do not share this esteemed position. In fact, most evil dragons consider them to be an abomination and an embarrassment. Dragons, evil dragons in particular, enjoy harassing, belittling and beating Were-Dragons, as well as wholeheartedly encourage the sale of these pretenders at slave auctions. (Splynn Dimensional Market)


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