El Paso Police

elpaso-police.pngThe El Paso police are an efficient, well-trained, and mostly honest group of peacekeepers, half of whom are composed of equal parts ex-headhunters, ex-wilderness scouts, ex-Coalition soldiers, and borgs. The mix of humans to D-Bees is about 60/40; all get along well. The average cop is the equivalent of a 1D4+2 level soldier or headhunter, but wise to the ways of the streets (special bonus of +3 to Streetwise skill specialty) and experienced vampire hunters. They are surprisingly tolerant of roughhousing by rough and tumble wilderness folk and non-human visitors.

Most of the police will work to break up and stop a brawl or rowdiness without drawing blood or imprisoning the offenders. They understand the trials of wilderness life and the need to let out a little steam, so they are willing to cut the noisiest and most belligerent drunk a bit of slack. However, only the foolish take this act of kindness as an indication that the El Paso police are weak-kneed sissies. The cops are tough, canny, alert and experienced in all types of combat. Furthermore, while they are willing to dismiss disorderly conduct, drunks and roughnecks they are diligent in crushing crime and vampirism. They show no sympathy to thieves, con-artists, molesters, bullies, or murderers, and are twice as tough if the victims of these criminals are city residents or the residents of some of the surrounding villages.

Note: The police force also serves as the militia/defenders of the city.

Police Statistical Data

Average level of experience: Fourth.

Standard Body Armor: Street Patrols are in bright white Bushman body armor, while perimeter patrols wear tan Bushman armor; both have the word “Police” and an I.D. number emblazoned on the armor and uniforms. Undercover police may wear street clothes and disguises. Short-range radio built into the armor and in cars.

Standard Weapons: All police are issued a neural-mace, vibro-knife, 9mm automatic pistol (13 shot clip, 2D6 damage, normal bullets and clips of silver bullets are provided), a silver cross, pocket mirror, and a TX-30 Triax ion pulse rifle. A dozen wooden stakes, mallet, extra clips of silver bullets, water pistol and water cannon are also standard issue, but usually kept in the trunk of their hovercar.

Unit Breakdown:

1. 800 police patrol the city streets on foot and in squad cars (hover and land rovers).

2. 200 hovercycle & motorcycle police. Fast moving one-man units, often operate in pairs. The motorcycles and hovercycles are armed with a forward laser and mini-missile launchers.

3. 50 “Sky-jockeys,” police that monitor the city from the air in Flying Titan power armor. This squad also has a dozen Sky King hovercraft.

4. 50 Desert Dogs: 38 mutant animals and 12 borgs (dispatched in pairs) patrol the villages and 100 miles of land around El Paso.

5. Mechanized Division (98 plus 49 labor bots): 20 full conversion borgs, 30 partial reconstruction borgs (use jet packs or police hovercycles), 10 Flying Titans, 8 NG Samsons, 4 Triax X-10 Predator power armor, 2 Triax X-1000 Ulti-Max power armor, 2 Glitter Boys, 2 Titan Reconnaissance bots, 4 TR-001 Titan combat bots, 6 TR-002 light combat bots, 6 NG-7 Hunter Mobile Gun bots, and 4 NG-M56 Multi-Bots. The city also has at its disposal 20 NG-W9 light labor bots, 20 NG W10 heavy labor bots and 9 NG-V10 robot labor vehicles.

6. Psi-Division: All are 4th level unless otherwise noted. 20 detectives with major psionics (otherwise city rat O.O.C.), 12 mutant dogs (four are 6th level), four psi-stalkers, six operators (all 6th level), three bursters, two mystics (both third level), five mind melters, one cyber-knight (Sir Henry Curry, Psi-Division’s second in command, 6th level), and Ramone Portillo, an 8th level Mind Melter, is the head of the division. Often work undercover.

7. Magic Squad: An elite squad of police that investigate and protect against supernatural and magic problems. Luis Santeogo, an 11th-level ley line walker, heads the squad. Other members include: second in command Anton Gruber, a sixth-level shifter, a pair of seventh-level mystics, a pair of fifth-level techno-wizards, and a pair of fourth-level ley line walkers, along with eight seventh-level police officers (ex-soldiers, half have minor psionics) versed in lore and experienced in handling vampires and other supernatural menaces. Often work undercover; half are D-Bees.

El Paso Police

Rifts: Hard Repo sirlarkins sirlarkins